Let me share with you a secret - TWO is not the magic number.

With social media booming with romantic getaways and couples’ spa retreats, you can easily assume that when it comes to traveling, two is the magic number. You see the hashtags “baecation, girlfriends getaway, couples goals, and friends who travel.” When you see this you begin to get discouraged. You think of all the places you want to go and realize that you may never get there. Why? Because you are putting your life on hold waiting on other people or that perfect relationship.

Let’s look at another alternative that brought you here -

You planned the perfect trip with a group of friends, like your sorority sisters, coworkers, or family members. You get all excited and make your deposit. As time progress you start seeing different passengers canceling and saying they can no longer attend. By the time final payment comes you realize that you are the last person standing. A group of 10 has dwindled down to just you. Yes, you may have family that you can travel with, but the purpose of this trip was to enjoy some time with others. So you cancel your trip and end up back on social media reading all of the hashtags and looking at all of the pictures with the magic number of two traveling together.

Traveling solo is one of the most popular forms of travel.

Not only can you do it, but you should always commit to traveling at least once a year alone. In this course I will explain:

  • why solo traveling is important,
  • how to do it without any fears,
  • sample travel itineraries to help you with your very first journey alone.

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Let’s get started....

Nita Adi, How To Travel Solo

It's a beautiful thing when passion and career come together!

Nita Adi is a Licensed Travel Professional and Director at Stars N Skyes Travel, LLC. She has booked over a million dollars worth of travel packages for likeminded travel enthusiast like yourself. In addition, she received her BA from Georgia State University in Business and her MS in Education from Walden University. She is respected in the travel industry for her ability to create amazing travel experiences for her loyal clients. In addition, she has trained several travel professionals who speak highly of her ability to teach. Her level of confidence is respected by both her colleagues and business partners. Her famous words when working with her clients are Relax, We Got You!

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Course + Workbook - How to Plan 1 Solo Vacation and Feel Safe

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Solo Traveler in The Dominican Republic

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