In this course you will discover the many styles of solo traveling.

Upon completion of this course you will have the knowledge needed to decide how you would like to design your solo travel experience.

Hi, I’m Nita

Travel Director of Stars N Skyes Travel


Thank you for landing here. I get really excited when a client contacts me to assist in planning a solo vacation. The first question I find myself asking is, "What is your preferred travel style for this adventure?" No one knows what I am talking about!

I decided to create this quick course to break down the various travel styles of a solo tourist in hopes that it will help people to better understand that traveling solo doesn't always mean that you are traveling solo.


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China Female Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler In China

Travel Style: Free Spirit

Bali Female Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler In Bali

Travel Style: Private Driver

Solo Traveler in Australia
Solo Traveler in Australia

Travel Style: Solo with a Host